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IMPORTANT NOTE:  We are now in retirement mode and will be closing our business at the end of this financial year, 31st march 2022.  In order to thank our customers and to  facilitate selling down our stock, we will be selling all remaining stock at our cost price.  Minimum order has been raised to $200 to reflect selling at cost.  The goods will be sent out when the direct credit has been received. (monthly credit accounts are no longer available).  Thanks for your co-operation.

This page shows some of the faceting and cabbing rough we have available. Please note that we have given as accurate a description as possible but cannot guarantee specific yields or results. Our description is based on our best estimation and as you will probably be aware this can only ever be an estimation not a guarantee.  How you cut, what you cut and how much experience you have will also have a bearing on the result. All of the material you see on this page is available for purchase and is on site. If you have requests for other material please email us ..we may have it but have not had a chance to list it.  A number of our items for sale we have listed across other media channels so there is a slight chance that something you have ordered is unavailable due to just being sold elsewhere and this website not being updated yet.  This does not happen very often but has occurred.  In this case we will contact you and try and arrange an alternative and if this is unsuccessful , we will refund you the amount in question.  If you are wanting to inspect the goods prior to committing you may purchase on an on approval  basis. These must be returned within 7 days of being received and we will refund your purchase price less our shipping charges. Obviously any cutting/working of the goods will cancel our refund obligation.


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Green Tourmaline is found in many countries but from a commercial aspect Brazil, Mozambique, Nigeria, the Congo, Malawi, Afghanistan and Madagascar are main sources.  However Maine and Californian Tourmaline from the US as well as Russian tourmaline from the Urals is also popular when available.  Greens in the medium colour range are usually most desirable since if the material is darker or olive toned it becomes less than lively when cut.  Since tourmaline is a dichroic gem (can show different colours when viewed from different angles), it is important to orient the rough so that the better colour shows predominantly when viewed through the crown and table.

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From Nigeria we have one very nice piece of Green Tourmaline facet rough with a weight of 10.324 carats. Clean but with several superficial surface fractures. These look like they will preform out without a problem but I would not use a harsh lap, maybe a 1200 will be best. 10 wide by 9 mm deep with a tapering probable table orientation measurement of 8.5 to 10mm. Great shape for a high yielding piece either a square or princess cut or maybe a modified shield of some sort. The C axis is open and is olive toned under regular penlight and lime green under halogen. The colour and brilliance on this material is excellent. See a photo of some stones I cut out of the same material a while ago. These are not included in the sale.

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