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This page shows some of the faceting and cabbing rough we have available. Please note that we have given as accurate a description as possible but cannot guarantee specific yields or results. Our description is based on our best estimation and as you will probably be aware this can only ever be an estimation not a guarantee.  How you cut and what you cut and how much experience you have will also have a bearing on the result. All of the material you see on this page is available for purchase and is on site. If you have requests for other material please email us ..we may have it but have not had a chance to list it. We also have a small selection of faceting supplies which you can see on Faceting Supplies . If you are wanting to inspect the goods prior to committing you may purchase on an “on approval” basis. These must be returned within 7 days and we will refund your purchase price less our shipping charges. Obviously any cutting/working of the goods will cancel our refund obligation.


Amethyst Ametrine Aquamarine Beryl Golden
Chrysoberyl Citrine Danburite Feldspar Sunstone
Feldspar Orthoclase Morganite Garnet Red Garnet Rhodolite
Garnet Spessartite Opal Fire Opal Transparent Peridot
Quartz Green Gold Quartz Rose Quartz Rutilated Sapphire
Topaz Gold Topaz Sky Blue Topaz White Tourmaline Pink
Tourmaline Mixed Cubic Zirconia Synthetics  
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Swiss Blue Topaz is a vivid, brighter blue than the Sky Blue of the range and is also very popular in the jewellery industry because of its ease of availability, reasonable price and consistent colour.  Its treatment takes longer, is more complicated and also more expensive than Sky Blue but it is probably one of the most used, (read commonly found), of any of the semi precious gemstones. Like Sky Blue it is basically White Topaz but the treatment entails neutron bombardment in a linear accelerator and then heat.  At this point, depending on the original locality of the rough, it is held in storage for anywhere from a couple of months to several years until it is has been cleared of any residual radioactivity. 


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