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This page shows some of the faceting and cabbing rough we have available. Please note that we have given as accurate a description as possible but cannot guarantee specific yields or results. Our description is based on our best estimation and as you will probably be aware this can only ever be an estimation not a guarantee.  How you cut and what you cut and how much experience you have will also have a bearing on the result. All of the material you see on this page is available for purchase and is on site. If you have requests for other material please email us ..we may have it but have not had a chance to list it.  A number of our items for sale we have listed across other media channels so there is a slight chance that something you have ordered is unavailable due to just being sold elsewhere and this website not being updated yet.  This does not happen very often but has occurred.  In this case we will contact you and try and arrange an alternative and if this unsuccessful , will refund you the amount in question.  We also have a small selection of faceting supplies which you can see on Faceting Supplies . If you are wanting to inspect the goods prior to committing you may purchase on an “on approval” basis. These must be returned within 7 days of being received and we will refund your purchase price less our shipping charges. Obviously any cutting/working of the goods will cancel our refund obligation.


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Sapphire:  We are representing a selection of good quality Australian Sapphire faceting rough from the central Queensland gem fields.   This mine is producing Blue, Blue-Green, Green and Parti-Colour and some Yellows (as well as large quantities of Black).  It will come as no surprise that there is a vast range of possible colours within these categories, so it’s somewhat difficult to say with any authority what the eventual finished cut colour will be when inspecting the rough material.  A lot depends on where the colour concentrations are in the stone and also what shape is chosen and which type of cut and cutting angles are used, as well as what orientation of the rough the cutter chooses.  It is especially difficult when you get some of the Parti-Colours.  They could be blue/green/yellow or could be a mix or could be one tone dominates.  The greens come in many different shades and also range from lighter to darker.  The Blues are mostly the darker intense blues typical of Australian Sapphire.   The Blue-Greens are similar but vary in which tone has the dominant colour or could be an even mix depending on orientation.  The Yellows are much harder to come by and we don’t stock these, but if you are interested let us know and we can make some enquiries.  Most importantly this rough is guaranteed to be natural, untreated and unheated and is coming to you directly from the mine producer with a little push on from us.  However  this rough is somewhat unusual in that coming from a miner  in Australia they are subject to all the environmental, safety and employment regulations that are usually absent when buying from most other sources in Africa, India and Asia.  By buying this rough you are assured that its fair trade all the way and also, you can in turn guarantee your customers buying the finished gem the same thing.  We are working on building up some business with this supplier since we know as a cutter how hard it is to get untreated gem material and also how hard it is it to get Sapphire faceting rough in good quality in decent sizes.  We have been cutting this ourselves and have also seen the results other cutters are getting, so we feel very confident that you will get very good value for your money.  Very few facet rough suppliers have access to this size and type so our goal is to manage this in such a way that not only you the cutter gets a good deal, but also that the mine producers gets some sell through on their stock. We have added a small margin only, with the objective of getting some momentum built.  With this in mind you can order knowing that the quality, as in the cleanness, clarity and general cuttability, is well graded and consistent.   With the items that have been cut so far the yield has been averaging 25 to 33%.  Obviously you will know of course that to get this sort of yield one needs to follow the shape of the rough.    Below we have set up three line items showing samples of the rough for each type and also some of the cut stones that we have achieved.


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